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If you'd like to enjoy the outdoors, and fire up incredibly tender, smoky and flavorful foods, you need to visit The Grill Works in Marion, IA. We sell a wide variety of gas and charcoal grills, wood pellet grills, and smokers too! We will help match you with the right grill or smoker based on your ultimate goal!

Are you tired of replacing your gas grill every few years? Our MHP Gas Grills offer a lifetime warranty on most parts, so you will never have to shop for a new grill again! We also offer specialty items like Big Green Egg; which is a versatile cooking weapon which uses lump charcoal and is made from high-quality ceramic.

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We are proud of the products we sell - products we know we can stand behind. Because we know these are quality products, we service what we sell. No need to call an 800 number to diagnose a problem, we are here for you! Call The Grill Works today at 319-395-7118 to learn more about the products we sell in Marion, IA.


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We know you could shop online for gas grills, but we offer a professional experience you can't find anywhere else. Purchase gas, wood pellet or charcoal grills from us and receive:


  • Factory warranty on parts as specified, and we service what we sell
  • Grills skillfully assembled and tested in-house to ensure quality
  • Service completed by local professionals

Owning a product from The Grill Works means you'll be able to enjoy it with peace of mind! Stop by our store to speak with trusted grilling experts. We'll help you choose the perfect grill or smoker for your needs.