"Great service great selection"

Adam M. 7/10/2019

"Awesome place! So friendly! So much fun!"

John D. 7/6/2019

"Great store. Everyone is very knowledgeable and the inventory is remarkable. Huge variety of products. Bought our son in law his Father's Day gift. No pressure to buy and they offer sampling too."

Mark L. 6/13/2019

"Amazing. Knowledgeable friendly staff. Have samples of all the different rubs and sauces so you do not end up with a flavor you do not like."

Bret H. 6/4/2019

"Took the time to walk through the various smokers. Answered ALL our questions. Looking forward to stopping back again to learn even more."

Annette S. 6/1/2019

"Lots of different products to try. Wonderful customer service. Went in to find something for my father and they knew exactly what I was looking for. Would definitely recommend checking this place out."

Greg C. 5/12/2019

"Grilling Season is upon us... this is the place to go to get everything you need for your grilling and bbq needs! Located right off of 8th ave in Marion, Grill Works has friendly and knowledgeable staff. My husband is big into smoking meats and this store has it all from rubs to seasonings, from accessories to grills! Definitely give this local shop a visit!"

Melissa C. 5/11/2019

"Absolutely fabulous I love this place, if I lived in Cedar Rapids I would go broke"

Steve C. 5/5/2019

"We stopped in to check out grills today. Not sure what to expect. The first grill we thought about was a little higher than we wanted to spend. The gal who worked with us asked if we had thought about pellet grills. I have to say the staff is super friendly and super knowledgeable. They offer more than just grills. They offer classes, assembly, sauces rubs and a whole lot more! They also kept our daughter and friends daughter entertained while we shopped. No reason to go to the big box stores. They offer so much more! We will be back next weekend to get our grill once we figure out which one. Thanks for being such an amazing asset!"

Justin T. 4/28/2019

"Love this place. All kinds of great rubs and sauces. I've bought at least a dozen from here and they are cheaper here than on Amazon by an average of 2.00 a bottle. Also the cheapest place in town for pellets. Earlier this year I went to their rib class and it was great. Looking forward to the rest of them."

Doug R. 4/20/2019

"Awesome to have a local BBQ supply store that is so knowledgeable about everything they sell. What every you are looking for assistance with they seem to be able to help."

Dustin W. 4/14/2019

"The Grill Works is a wonderful gem of a shop, sometimes I can't believe we have something like this locally. Though I'm still a novice, as far as I know they have everything a serious BBQ hobbyist could want for hardware. Every rub can be sampled, and there are a lot! They have books, prep knives and tools. Smoking accent wood. Twice I've learned about some fancy, high quality product on the internet (but didn't buy online as both were price points I had to sit on) that I was very interested in and for both I went in to ask if they could get me one and they said, "They're right over here!" ?? (Though not one of the two items, check out the umai bags. Who knew these existed!?) Best of all though is the owners and staff. Customer service is 100%. They are very knowledgeable and have been willing to hold my hand through making everything I've attempted so far and have helped me troubleshoot when I wasn't able to execute perfectly. Twice I've showed up 30 minutes before closing time thinking I had plenty of time to get in/out and when I finally left it was at least 45 minutes after closing because I kept asking questions and they kept patiently giving me really helpful information. I just attended my first class at their store yesterday where they brought in their competition BBQ team to teach us backyard ribs prep. It was very helpful. Besides the steps anyone could find online, they offered many tips and tricks that weren't obvious. I suppose a YouTube channel might be similar, but those don't offer the chance at real time feedback like the class did. This place is awesome. The people are awesome. They've got everything you need, hardware to the head, to get into a really fun, rewarding hobby perfect for sharing with others. And the fruits of this hobby, my god... For this to be local, we are fortunate."

Landon W. 3/31/2019

"Love this place. So many grilling and smoking items to choose from."

Billie S. 3/30/2019

"very knowledgeable, very friendly and helpful. Large selection of rubs and sauces. great store if you like to smoke or bbq"

Josh W. 3/29/2019

"Friendly staff all around. Enjoy talking with them about recipes and techniques whenever I see them. Great product lines"

Brandon B. 2/18/2019

"Great service. Quality products. Good selection for such a small physical footprint."

N. L. 2/8/2019

"Awesome service! It can be busy at times especially for a smaller shop but you cant get the knowledge and experience from a better place."

Chris H. 1/9/2019

"Great customer service. But, they didn't treat us like customers, rather more like family. Knowledgeable. Free samples you can try for each spice rub. Highly recommend! Additional comments.....Friendly owners, and staff. Might be closer to family, as they really care about you, the food you are going to cook, and your smoke protects. WE love Grill Works."

Dave S. 1/5/2019

"Greatplace for all your grilling needs"

Brody M. 1/1/2019